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» Four to Six Months

It's time to think about introducing your 4-6 month old baby to solid foods.

» Six to Eight Months

If your 6 month - 8 month old baby is just starting solids at this stage, start out slowly, preparing a tablespoon sized portion of whatever food you have chosen to begin with.

» Eight to Ten Months

Your 8-10 Month old baby might be crawling and trying to pull herself up. At this stage, your baby may not have a big interest in eating.

» Ten to Twelve Months

Your 10-12 Month old baby has developed a few favorite foods by now. He / She may also have developed a preference for feeding himself/herself.

What are the services ?
Alerts :

We send SMS alerts for all the above mentioned vaccination schedules.

For each one vaccination scheduled item , you would receive 4 SMS Messages.

  1. One week before

  2. One day before

  3. On that day

  4. Next day from the due date.

- This would give you an required alert to take care of vaccination for the child. This is going to be immense value for the money spent.

What is the cost ?
Value Service for the money spent:

The SMS Alert service would get cover till the last vaccination at the age of SIXTEEN YEARS ( 16 Years ) . This service costs you just Rs.300/- and you get SMS & EMAIL alerts for all the vaccination items until the SIXTEENTH (16th )Year of the child.

What is the next action ?

Click on Registration Tab and proceed to register for our Service in the best interest of your child.


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Parents often cited more than one reason for choosing not to immunize their children or slipping the immunization course. This has high risk of adverse effects as a consequence.